Canada’s proposed legislation legalizing same-sex marriage is in jeopardy. While this is a matter of equality and human rights, the religious right is using it to mobilize across the country against lesbian and gay rights. Currently, letters to Members of Parliament against same-sex marriage far outnumber those supporting it. This Tuesday, September 16, the Alliance Party will move a motion in the House of Commons against same-sex marriage. It will be a “free vote,” so you and your friends can make a difference.


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To meet the challenge of the vocal opposition, we have formed Canadians for Equal Marriage, a national advocacy campaign to ensure passage of the federal legislation. Born out of the work of EGALE Canada, Canadians for Equal Marriage is a multi-partisan, wide ranging cross-section of Canadian society from coast-to-coast. Visit us at www.equal-marriage.ca.


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For this urgent effort, we have quickly developed an ACTION WEBSITE at www.equal-marriage.ca. The site includes four action steps you can take to support equal marriage: You can e-mail your MP (even if you don’t yet know who that is), and all 301 MPs. You can endorse our statement on equal marriage. You can donate to the campaign. And, you can volunteer with Canadians for Equal Marriage, or start a chapter in your town.


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We intend to reframe the issue in the media and to MPs into what it really is: a matter of living up to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and building an open, tolerant and caring Canada.


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Don’t delay! Visit our website and make a difference TODAY. Don’t allow the religious right to set back the rights of Canadian lesbians and gays.


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