Carmen Paquette, also of EGALE, added: “This Bill is ground-breaking in that it is the first piece of federal legislation ever to include the words ‘sexual orientation’. Its passage emphasizes that lesbians and gays are equal Canadian citizens, and are entitled to participate fully in Canadian society without fear of violence or discrimination.”


Liberal M.P. Tom Wappel was the only Government M.P. to oppose the legislation. “The question of the day is whether Wappel will be stripped of his Committee responsibilities for defying his own Government’s policy,” said Fisher. “Rebel M.P.s were disciplined over gun control. Will the Government have the integrity to apply consistent standards over human rights?”


At the same time, EGALE called for action on the long-promised amendments to add sexual orientation to the Canadian Human Rights Act. “The Prime Minister has repeatedly stated that once Bill C-41 is passed, the Government will bring forward the amendments to the Human Rights Act,” said Fisher. “Will he remain true to his promise, or will he find some new excuse to delay?”


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