Réal Ménard, MP: “It appears our colleague [Mr. Wappel] cannot cite us any case in which there has been a connection between sexual orientation and paedophilia.”


Tom Wappel, MP: “Absolutely. I agree with you that I’m not aware of any case that currently links paedophilia with sexual orientation”.


The M.P.s pushing hardest for a definition are simply resorting to fear-mongering by suggesting a link between the completely unrelated concepts of sexual orientation and paedophilia. The same M.P.s have publicly referred to their “aversion to homosexuality” and have called lesbians and gays “immoral” and even “inhuman”.


Just last week, a man walked into a gay-owned store in Ottawa, called the shopkeeper a “flicking AIDS-infected faggot” and punched him in the face. Last month, police in Montreal discovered the body of the nineteenth gay man to be murdered there in the last four years.


We need your help to end the violence. We urge you: don’t give in to right-wing pressure tactics. Rely upon sound judgment and eighteen years of clear Canadian jurisprudence. Please stand firm in your support of this Red Book commitment, without compromise.
We attach a fact sheet which further clarifies this issue. Please feel free to contact EGALE at (613) 230-1043 if you have any further questions. We would be very happy to discuss the matter with you or meet with you at your convenience, should you so desire.


Yours very truly,
John W. Fisher,
Executive Director, EGALE