A summit to discuss and share experiences about what is happening in schools,
network, and celebrate 2SLGBTQI communities and identities.

On April 11, 2024, Egale Canada is hosting an in-person Ontario GSA Summit: The Power of Youth Action to discuss and share experiences about what is happening in schools, for educators and youth to network with each other and celebrate 2SLGBTQI communities and identities. The Ontario GSA Summit is taking place in downtown Toronto and is generously sponsored by Desjardins.

Please note that each school is invited to register up to three students per educator. We expect up to 45 Grades 9-12 students at the summit. To secure a spot in the event, prior to arriving at the summit, each educator must email us:

  1. a liability consent form
  2. a photo consent form

See the forms below on this page.

How to Register

By registering through our registration form, each educator is put on a waitlist until they provide the consent form(s) – linked below. After submitting this registration form, to secure a spot for him/her and the students at the summit, each educator will need to send the signed forms to this email: pm@egale.ca.

If you or your student(s) have any accessibility and/or dietary requirements, please indicate the requirements on the registration form. We will do our best to accommodate accessibility and dietary needs.

Agenda Overview

9:00 am – 9:30 amRegistration
9:30 am-10:15 amOpening/Ice Breaker
10:15 am-10:45 amKeynote Speaker 
10:45 am-11:00 amBreak
11:00 am-12:00 pm Workshop – Small Changes Big Impact
12:00 pm-1:00 pm  Lunch (Provided)
1:00 pm-2:45 pm  Change Maker Panel & Small Group Discussion
2:45 pm-3:00 pmBreak
3:00 pm-4:00 pmWorkshop – Student Change Agents
4:00 pm-4:15pmClosing 


Lucah Rosenberg-Lee (He/Him)  
Head of Brand Storytelling @ Monday Media | Digital Media & Ads Strategist | Filmmaker

Lucah’s Biography

Lucah Rosenberg-Lee is a Toronto-based filmmaker, speaker and entrepreneur. Lucah has produced and directed a variety of film projects—including “Passing” & “For Nonna Anna”—that have been screened at TIFF and the Sundance Film Festival. He specializes in both documentary and LGBTQ+ content, bringing unique stories to life from marginalized voice

Alex Simpson (She/Her)  
Festival Manager – Live Nation Canada/Founded Lavender Wild 

Alex’s Biography

Alex Simpson is a Festival Manager for Live Nation currently based out of Toronto, Canada. Her role involves designing immersive fan experiences reminiscent of those that inspired her to join the music industry. She’s versatile and multi-talented, with expertise in socials, marketing, branding, ticketing, production, and lineup curation. Alex’s love for festivals started in 2012, and she soon joined Live Nation as an intern in 2014, quickly rising to a full-time role on the same team in six months. Since then, she’s forged her own path at Live Nation, a nine-year career that has all led to her current role where she oversees multiple national festival properties. Through her journey at Live Nation, she also worked in the booking department, coordinating over 100+ shows a year at various venues across Ontario.  

Her portfolio includes FVDED In The Park, Coast City Country, Born & Raised, Badlands Music Festival, Chasing Summer, and in the past Rolling Loud Toronto, Dreams Music Festival, and VELD. She is the founder of a new queer music festival called lavender wild that aims to uplift voices within her community and focuses on 2SLGBTQ+ artists. In her climb to the top, Alex attributes her success to staying authentic and grounded in her ultimate goal of creating memories that last a lifetime. 

Samanta Krishnapillai (She/Her)  
Founder, Executive Director and Editor in Chief of The On Canada Project

Samanta’s Biography

Samanta is the founder, managing director and editor-in-chief of the On Canada Project Inc. She is a creative problem solver who actively challenges the status quo.  Samanta strives to create critical and compassionate conversations while building and amplifying community around her. Her passion stems from her lived experience as a first-generation Tamil-Canadian and as someone who intentionally took time to focus on her mental well-being in her early-twenties. She pairs her lived experience with her Masters and Bachelors’s education in health equity, trauma and violence-informed care, diversity & inclusion and system change, in addition to her professional experiences working in advocacy and community building at nonprofits, to passionately drive change. Sam challenges herself and the people around her to show up fully and unapologetically as their full selves. 

Bayne Pettinger (He/Him)  
NHL Agent – Apollo Athletics 
Co-Founder Alphabet Sports Collective 

Bayne’s Biography

Bayne became an N.H.L.P.A. Certified Player Agent to help further players careers on and off the ice with sound advice based on experience and the team he works with. He has a strong passion of working in sports within an ever changing landscape with some of the worlds best high performance athletes.

Bayne has worked in Hockey for over 15 years. Starting at Hockey Canada in 2008 as a student and departed in 2019 as Manager, Hockey Operations. Bayne managed the National Junior Team (6x), Men’s World Championship(5x) World Cup of Hockey(1x) Olympic Games (1x) and countless other international events spanning the globe.

Now based in Toronto, ON. Working on client management to advise and promote his clients globally. His clients range from Minor Hockey to NHL.

Charlotte Shipley (She/They)  
Founder of Positive Space Consulting – Registered Social Worker Practice owner & Clinical Director 

Charlotte’s Biography

Charlotte founded Positive Space Consulting in 2018 and she brings a passion for social justice and over ten years of experience in the social work field. Charlotte felt she could make an impact through founding PSC and using her dynamic presence, knowledge and passion for mental health, spiritual connectedness and 2SLGBTQIA+ wellbeing.

Being an openly Queer Woman living with an invisible disability and chronic pain, Charlotte practices through the lens of lived experience and uses a very collaborative approach with clients. Charlotte believes that all experiences are teachers and she’s here to help support you in uncovering your lessons and fulfilling your soul’s journey in this lifetime. Emotional safety and trust are at the forefront of every session with Charlotte as she encourages you to use self-compassion, curiosity and your own intuition to live a meaningful and intentional life. Charlotte remains steadfast in her attempt to help clients dismantle and challenge systems of oppression both within themselves and within their communities. 

Terms & Conditions

Read the Terms & Conditions


of Participating in the Event conducted by Egale Canada

  1. Terms Used in This Document.

Organizer refers toEgale Canada.

Event refers to an event or a series of events conducted by the Organizer on a specific date or within a fixed date or period.

Venue is the place where the Event is happening (hotel, conference center, lounge, art galleries, meeting room, theater, cinema, college, school or university, office, etc.), where the Organizer will conduct the Event.

Party refers toany party (person, entity, organization, their agent, representative, affiliate, or similar) within these Terms and Conditions.

Invited Party refers toa party invited to participate in any role in the Event or its Activities. This role can be a participant, a moderator, a facilitator, a panelist, a presenter, a guest, an organization representative or agent, a speaker, or similar.

Activities refer to different activities that the Invited Party may participate in or hold during the Event (i.e., speaking, presenting, asking questions, and commenting on opinions and views of others, interactive group activities like games, workshops, presentations, etc., discussions, sessions, interacting with other participants or the Organizer, moderating, presenting, etc.).

PIPEDA isthePersonal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act[1].

  • Preamble.

The Organizer is Canada’s leading 2SLGBTQI human rights organization, and, within its mission and aims, it conducts an event or a series of events to discuss the situations with topics relating to human rights protection and observation or health-related themes for 2SLGBTQI people or another similar purpose. Such event or events usually provide opportunities for its participants to discuss situations having connection or significance to 2SLGBTQI people (including but not limited to those with specific accessibility, mental, physical, and disability requirements, elderly, homeless, youth and students in schools and higher education institutions, employees and unemployed, etc.) and share their experiences and knowledge with each other, or other participants, as well as to network and exchange ideas on how to improve safety and wellbeing for 2SLGBTQI community in Canada or abroad.

To ensure that all the participants and other involved parties of the Event are protected and unharmed in any way, the Organizer collects some personal information and consents of the Invited Party subjected to these Terms and Conditions (such consents are collected with paper or electronic forms provided to the Invited Parties in-person or by online means of communication). The collection of this personal information is governed by the PIPEDA principles (see the terms above) and other federal or municipal legislation, such as the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act[2].

  • Personal information identified.

In this document, the personal information and personal health information (as identified in the legislation mentioned above) is any information relating to […] age (for instance, grades of a student as the Invited Party), […] education (for instance, school board or school’s name where a student or an educator may come from), the individual’s name,  information concerning the physical or mental health of the individual (dietary or accessibility requirements of the Invited Party so that the Organizer may provide the best care possible that is or may be in the Organizer and the Venue’s disposal) and photographic images of the Invited Party.

  • Indemnification.

The Invited Party shall indemnify and hold the Organizer and the Venue, including any of their parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, offices, directors, employees, agents, and representatives, forever harmless from and against any personal injury, property damage, loss, liability or claim of liability, expenses, fines, and penalties including reasonable legal fees caused by circumstances mentioned in paragraph4 of these Terms and Conditions.

  • Insurance.

Both the Organizer and the Invited Party agree to carry, and upon demand, to provide evidence of, a sufficient amount of insurance to provide coverage for any liabilities arising out of or resulting from their respective obligations.

  • Concluding notes.

All the forms are subject to these Terms and Conditions are safely stored either in paper format (if they were collected in paper format) locked in Egale Canada’s safe storage location or in electronic format (if they were collected electronically) on Egale Canada’s secured online server which the access is provided only to Egale’s staff who need these forms for reporting purposes. No personal information is used when reporting under specific Activities or Events or data analysis required for reporting. All the forms are depersonalized, and no personal information is used. However, if the photographic images of the Invited Party were collected during the Event, these photographs may be used as described in these Terms and Conditions and in the Collection of Photo and Personal Information Consent Form, which the Invited Party needs to review and sign after reviewing.

To fill in and submit consent forms relating to personal information, taking photographs, etc., each Invited Party needs to read these terms and conditions and check a specific box in each of such forms, which will be interpreted in a way that the Invited Party has read and understood the Terms and Condition of Participating in the Event Conducted by Egale Canada.

In case of any questions or inquiries regarding these Terms and Conditions or its clauses, the consent forms collection, or the forms’ text, you can email us at pm@egale.ca with the subject “Events Terms and Conditions” prior to signing the abovementioned forms.

[1] Personal information that you disclose in this form is collected under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (S.C. 2000, c. 5) which you can access here: https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/p-8.6/.

[2] https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/90m56.

The Ontario GSA Summit is generously sponsored by Desjardins