December 18, 2023

Many 2SLGBTQI people around the world continue to face violence and persecution largely because of religion. The Catholic Church is no exception, and continues to cause distrust and hurt against 2SLGBTQI communities. 

While today’s news that Pope Francis has approved allowing priests to bless same-sex couples represents a tiny sliver of hope for those struggling to bridge the intersecting identities of faith and sexual orientation and/or gender identity, this half-measure is not enough. There remains a discriminatory caveat that same-sex couples may be blessed if the rituals don’t resemble marriage.

The unacceptable reality is that in the eyes of the Church, 2SLGBTQI people are still inferior. At a time when 2SLGBTQI communities are facing a rise in hate, harassment, and violence, it is reprehensible that we must continue to fight to be treated equally. 

As Canada’s leading 2SLGBTQI organization, Egale will continue to engage with faith-based communities in order to advocate for equity and ensure that 2SLGBTQI people are treated with dignity and acceptance.

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