Free Webinar from
Egale Canada & Intersex Asia

From 2021-2023, Intersex Asia and Egale partnered on the production of four ground-breaking research reports on the situation of intersex persons in certain parts of Asia. This webinar will launch these reports and explore the potential advocacy efforts which can be undertaken based on the findings and issues to look out for in the near future. This webinar will take place in English. 

Monday, April 22, 2024
8:00 am EST | 5:30 pm IST
Live on Zoom


Kim Vance-Mubanga
Director of International Projects and Partnerships Egale


Esan Regmi

Esan Regmi (he/him) is an intersex activist based in Nepal. He is also a co-founder and the executive director of Campaign for Change (the first and only intersex-led organization registered in Nepal since 2017). Esan hosted the first national intersex meeting in Nepal in 2016 and published the first intersex story in Nepal.

He has worked not only on the national level but also has raised intersex issues at the UN level. He had proposed CRC and CEDAW reports condemning Intersex Infanticide & Genital Mutilation in 2016 and 2018, respectively. Esan was selected as co-chair of Intersex Asia in 2018. Currently, he is active as a board member of Intersex Asia.

Maimun Akhtar

Maimun is a passionate intersex human rights activist from Bangladesh. As Co-founder of “Intersex Bangladesh,” he is dedicated to networking and supporting fellow intersex individuals. With a fervent commitment to knowledge generation and community development, he works towards building intersex networks and implementing impactful initiatives in the country. His advocacy is fueled by compassion, aiming to create positive change for the intersex community in Bangladesh and beyond.

Arpita Das

Arpita Das is an Associate Lecturer at Western Sydney University in Australia. She completed her PhD in Gender and Cultural Studies from the University of Sydney where she focused on intersex medicalisation in postcolonial India. She has an MA in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, and an MA in Women’s and Gender Studies from Central European University and the University of Łódź. Her scholarship is focused on intersex studies, reproductive technologies, sexuality education, and anti-racism. She has international experience as a practitioner working on gender, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and gender-based violence in the Global South.

Mehrub Moiz Awan

Dr. Mehrub Awan is a Pakistani intersex rights activist, performance artist, and policy practitioner with a strong interest in decolonization, indigenous wisdom, and the intersections of class, race, gender and sexuality. She’s the Director of Policy and Research at Gender Interactive Alliance; she Instagrams at @unrelentlesslyyours and Tweets at @mehrubawan