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Unlock the power of equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in your organization with our comprehensive learning content designed to guide you through attracting and hiring diverse talent. Gain the skills and strategies to build a vibrant, more inclusive workforce.

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Creating the Role

Job Posting IDEA Checklist

A comprehensive checklist that highlights best practices for creating and reviewing accessible job postings.

Job Posting Template

An accessible job posting template that can be edited to suit your organization’s needs, to be used in combination with our other recruitment resources.

Creating the Role

To be used by the hiring manager or HR to outline the specific responsibilities of a new position and the associated necessary qualifications.

Recruiting and Interviewing

Understanding Inclusive Recruitment

This e-module learning course will equip you with the knowledge and basic skills to make your recruitment process more inclusive and effective.

Sample Form: Accessor’s Rubric

A rubric for assessors to evaluate candidate skills, make additional comments and note which parts of the hiring process they were involved in.

Sample Form: Hiring Checklist

To be used by HR or hiring manager to ensure final candidate has submitted all necessary supporting documents.

Appropriate & Inappropriate Interview Questions

Use this resource for examples of appropriate and inappropriate interview questions related to
protected grounds.

All Applicant Checklist

To be used after incomplete applications are removed and before the shortlisting process to sort large amounts of applicants. This form is best suited for a larger applicant pool.

Choosing the IDEAL Candidate for Interviews (eLearning)

In this microlearning module, we will explore the essential steps and considerations for reviewing applicants and creating a shortlist with an IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility)(opens in a new tab) lens (or, in a nutshell, IDEAL), helping your organization prioritize equity and inclusivity in the hiring process.

Creating the IDEAL Hiring Committee (eLearning)

In this microlearning unit, we will discover how leaders of small and medium-sized organizations can foster diversity and boost the effectiveness of their hiring committees. 

IDEAL Interviews (eLearning)

In this microlearning module, we will explore and understand the “why” behind some recommended practice for conducting equitable interviews. We will also discover how to run interviews with IDEA practices leading the way.

Onboarding the Employee

Onboarding Checklist

A comprehensive new employee onboarding checklist that can be edited to adapt to

Onboarding Informational Template

Information a new employee might need to know for their first day and onwards, formatted as a check list or an informational packet to be emailed before a start date.

The 50 – 30 Challenge is an initiative between the Government of Canada, Canadian businesses, and diversity organizations. The goal of the program is to challenge Canadian organizations to increase the representation and inclusion of diverse groups within their workplaces while highlighting the benefits of giving all Canadians a seat at the table.

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