Many pride centres and other 2SLGBTQI community organizations in Canada begin as grassroots local efforts. As they continue to grow and establish themselves as formal organizations, they may grapple with how to translate their community knowledge and interest in providing critical anti-oppressive programming and services within traditional organizational structures and funding models.

This workbook can help leaders of emerging 2SLGBTQI community
organizations to foster spaces that are safer, prioritize anti-racism, and are more inclusive of all members of the community. We also expect that established community groups can benefit significantly from the material and exercises provided. No matter what stage of development your organization is at, we hope you will find this workbook useful for:

  • Supporting critical conversations about how your organization operates and who it serves;
  • Thinking through how staff and volunteers may be getting in their own way in making the organization’s spaces or services anti-racist; and
  • Helping envision the type of organization the 2slgbtqi people in your community want, need, and deserve.

The Building Bridges project works to increase the understanding of anti-racism, Indigenization and faith in Canada from a 2SLGBTQI context to foster dialogue between historically diverse groups and 2SLGBTQI serving organizations to work toward the elimination of racism, prejudice and discrimination in Canada. 

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This Building Bridges Workbook was collaboratively created initiative by Egale Canada and The Enchanté Network.

This initiative was funded through Heritage Canada’s Community Support, Multiculturalism, and Anti-Racism Initiatives Program (CSMARI)