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Back-to-School with Egale Canada

Egale Canada’s national report, Still In Every Class in Every School (2021), shows that 2SLGBTQI students continue to face homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia at school. This reality in our schools is in addition to the undeniable rise in anti-2SLGBTQI hate that we are seeing across Canada and around the world.

This is why it’s more important than ever that we all come together to create safe and inclusive schools for 2SLGBTQI students.

Egale’s back-to-school resources have been developed to complement our existing Building Inclusive Schools initiatives that include resources specifically tailored for all members of our school communities including teachers, students, administrators, and parents/guardians. Resources include curriculum-aligned toolkits with videos, classroom materials, and discussion questions; downloadable school posters; educational webinars; and more.

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Featured Resource

Relearn and React Series

Egale Canada is pleased to share with you our Relearn and React Series: a collection of ready-to-use toolkits with companion videos to help you introduce 2SLGBTQI content while cultivating inclusive classrooms. 

Featuring a range of subjects including Health and Physical Education, Canadian and World Studies, Math, Art, and English — the toolkits highlight 2SLGBTQI representation and inclusion within the Ontario curriculum for grades 7-11. 

The Relearn and React Series is a project funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education with the goal of equipping educators with curriculum-aligned resources to foster learning for all students and create safer and more inclusive schools for 2SLGBTQI students. 

Join Egale’s learning management system (LMS) to access our new Relearn and React Series. 

  • Queer Love Letters
  • Art of Drag
  • Math is for Everyone
  • Inclusion in Sport
  • Where it Happens

Four Step Guides

Starting a new school year can feel daunting, full of new experiences and emotions. Egale is excited to release our new Four Step Guides to Empowerment. These guides are guides for (1) 2SLGBTQI students, (2) parents/guardians, and (3) educators to support empowerment, resilience, and self-advocacy in the school community and beyond.

Inclusive Schools Posters

By displaying these posters, schools can send a powerful message that discrimination and prejudice have no place within their walls. They provide crucial visibility for 2SLGBTQI individuals, helping to combat stereotypes and stigmas while fostering a greater sense of belonging and self-worth among 2SLGBTQI students.

Upcoming Free Webinars for Educators

Trans & Nonbinary Youth

The webinar aims to help educators understand the unique experiences and challenges faced by trans and nonbinary students. This resource is designed to support the work of bringing critical learning and conversations about trans, nonbinary, and gender-diverse identities and experiences into school communities.

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Affirming Adults

This webinar explores the vital role that all adults across the whole school community can take up in promoting environments where 2SLGBTQI youth can thrive.​ We will consider key characteristics of what being affirming means, and share practical strategies and support resources you can put to use right away. Participants will also have an opportunity to exchange promising tips and tools with one another.​

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Draw the Line Against Transphobic Violence in Schools

Draw the Line Against Transphobic Violence is a 90-minute, instructor-led webinar that will help participants recognize and intervene in these harmful dynamics, and build skills for fostering cultures of consent, gender inclusion, and healthier relationships overall.

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2SLGBTQI Days of Significance Calendar

Looking for a comprehensive guide to dates of significance in the 2SLGBQTI calendar? Look no further! 

There are many notable 2SLGBTQI awareness periods to celebrate, observe, and remember. This list includes Days of Visibility, Pride Weeks, and Remembrance Days, so you can stay informed about all the events happening all year round!

Use this calendar to plan bulletin boards, lesson plans, storytimes, and other classroom and school-wide initiatives.

Additional Resources

Studies show that one of the best ways to combat hate is through education. Egale is proud to have a variety of educational resources to help you on your knowledge journey.