Pride 2022: Progress and old rainbow pride flags

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Since 1986, Egale has worked hard to support and advocate for our communities. Using our REAL approach to inclusion, we are building the foundation for impactful and significant changes to legislation, policies, and programs that affect the everyday experiences and freedoms of 2SLGBTQI people in Canada and around the world.

To #REALizeYourPride, Egale is launching a collection of online events, accessible activities, shareable resources, and more to help people connect and celebrate Pride 2022.

Learn about ways to engage and take action through our research, educational webinars, impactful resources, our virtual Queer Prom, and our online marketplace:

Egale’s REAL approach to impactful, systemic, and long-term shifts towards 2SLGBTQI inclusion involves Research, Education, Awareness, and Legal advocacy.  

Our work starts with community-based research to inform the education that is needed to build inclusive and accessible spaces for 2SLGBTQI people. From here, our awareness initiatives centre 2SLGBTQI communities’ voices and inform the general public about current issues. 

As more voices are gathered and allies are inspired towards activism, legal advocacy ensures that the work we do is lasting and reflected at all levels of government and beyond.

Your support today will help us build on the foundation for impactful and significant changes to policies, programs, and legislation that affect the everyday experiences and freedoms of 2SLGBTQI people in Canada and around the world. 

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Your donations make a REAL impact! 

Your 2022 Pride donation will help to support our ongoing Research, Education, Awareness, and Legal advocacy initiatives.

Multiply your pride this year! As part of our #REALizeYourPride campaign, all new monthly donor sign-ups will be matched x2 courtesy of The Canadian Tilling Foundation, allowing you to triple your impact in the first month! Simply sign up below and Egale will automatically apply the match to your gift.


Pride 2022 Activities

Hit play on our Pride 2022 Spotify playlist, or browse our 2SLGBTQI reading list, curated by Egale staff just for you.

Check out our Pride 2022 Reading List

Pride 2022 Book List: Beyond the Gender Binary, Alok Menon

Looking to up your queer reading content this summer? Check out our reading list – curated just for you!

Listen to our Pride 2022 Spotify playlist

Egale - Queer Prom - #REALizeYourRoyalty

Queer Prom 2022

On June 22, 2022, we spent the evening celebrating 2SLGBTQI youth and allies across the country working to build more inclusive schools. Our Queer Prom is a safer, inclusive space for 2SLGBTQI and ally youth to be themselves, connect, and celebrate their identities. Watch performances from queer icons, artists, and performers!

Two people holding closely under rainbow flag to celebrate Pride 2022

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