With our new Google Chrome extension, Raise a Flag, you’ll instantly be able to see if an online retailer treats their LGBTQI2S employees equally. Using data from the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, it identifies which companies meet standard policies and practices of inclusion towards their LGBTQI2S employees, and which ones don’t. So, let’s support online retailers that support the LGBTQI2S community.

Download the extension, and shop with pride this holiday season!

Need help activating a Google Chrome Extension? Visit here for step-by-step instructions.

Why did we create Raise a Flag?




of LGBTQI2S employees in Canada report experiencing discrimination in the workplace compared to only 3% of non-LGBTQI2S employees

of trans people are turned down or suspect they were turned down for a job because they were trans

of openly LGBTQI2S people leave their workplaces because they feel unwelcome or unsupported by management

Visit our Awareness page for free workplace inclusion resources to help support your workplace this holiday season and beyond.

Ways to Get Involved

For more ways to get involved with the LGBTQI2S community, visit our Get Involved page.

Egale would like to thank TAXI Agency for partnering with us on Raise a Flag.

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