Post-Art: An Art Journey Through the Mail

In phase 3, youth will learn from artists, explore consent, create art, and contribute to our 2SLGBTQI zine!

About the Winning Pilot Program:

The winning program from Speak OUT: Hackathon is a trauma and violence-informed group art intervention. Youth participants will work together to create digital zines that represent their experiences and reflections around building relationships, dating violence, and community care.

The Committee:

The Intervention Action Committee is comprised of 10-14 members across Ontario, consisting of dedicated community advocates, gender-based violence experts, and 2SLGBTQI youth. The Committee serves to provide input during the period of appointment. They will do this by engaging with the winning team at key junctures during the planning, design, and implementation of the pilot program. Participation of the committee will help to ensure that programming is relevant and accessible to 2SLGBTQI youth communities in Ontario.


  • Committee members participated in an introductory meeting, and monthly 2-hour meetings to provide input into intervention design and planning (July 2021 to January 2022).
  • Supported intervention design by performing research to gain knowledge about similar interventions and programs.
  • Completed self-assigned tasks between meetings to support intervention design and planning.


The committee will work together from July 2021 to January 2022 to create a comprehensive program. The pilot runs from August 2022 to 2023.

*Participants will receive an honorarium, a welcome package, and meal tickets for their commitment and contribution to the Intervention Action Committee.

Speak OUT is a multi-year project in 3 phases.

The first phase was a nationwide survey of 2SLGBTQI youth. We asked them about their experiences of dating and dating violence, and about what kind of support they needed.

Hackathan Purple Team Brainstorm Session

The second phase, a community-driven & interactive event we called Speak OUT: Hackathon, was held in January 2021. The Hackathon saw service providers and youth come together online to build four incredible pilot program proposals.

We left the Hackathon with one winning pilot that we will use as a model, with the support of a committee, to build our third phase intervention. The winning pilot at the Hackathon, Post-Art: An Art Journey Through the Mail, is a group art intervention. Youth participants will work independently with artist-led videos to create works that represent their experiences and reflections around Self, Land, Community.

Speak OUT: Intervention Action Committee

The Intervention Action Committee is a steering committee comprised of 2SLGBTQI youth, gender-based violence and intimate partner violence experts, and service providers. The Committee launched in July of 2021 and met monthly to support the design and development of the SpeakOUT program. Over the course of 7 months, the committee expanded upon the winning Hackathon solution: A Digital Art Based Zine Program focused on consent. As a steering committee we created a work plan which utilized subcommittees to break down tasks based on individual’s interests and strengths, promote cross collaboration, and increase learning opportunities. In later months, as a working group we identified program resources and risks based on members’ knowledge and experiences. 

For questions and concerns about Speak OUT, please contact