Egale and our partners will work with the winning Hackathon team, a committee of dating violence experts, and youth to put your idea into action! The idea selected by judges at the Speak Out Hackathon will be piloted at 5 community organizations across Ontario over a 2-year period

Egale and the University of Manitoba will work alongside the team selected by the Hackathon judges to make their solution a reality for creating an LGBTQI2S youth dating-violence prevention and support program. Speak Out’s action committee will reach out to social services organizations across to generate potential partnerships, offering program resources, site-specific training, and evaluation models toward the successful trial of the Speak Out pilot program over a two-year period. Speak Out’s action committee will also be called on to assist in writing a program report that will be accessible to other agencies and organizations across the country.

More information will be available in September 2020.

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