Painting by Post-Art participant

Encouraging 2SLGBTQI youth to explore consent through creating

Post-Art: An Art Journey Through the Mail was a program that used an arts-based format to reflect on the themes of consent and healthy relationships with 2SLGBTQI youth (14-29). Each participant of the program was mailed a package of art supplies and was guided through various themes via educational videos about consent featuring guest artists. The following zine is a digital art exhibition of some of the work that 2SLGBTQI youth created within the program.

Digital Zine: Kaleidoscope

About the Program

This program was part of a multi-phase project where phase one was a national youth survey gathering data on 2SLGBTQI youth dating violence and phase two was a hackathon that brought together youth and service providers to come up with a program that addresses the needs of 2SLGBTQI youth and the topic of consent. The winning solution from the hackathon resulted in phase three, the Post-Art program.

The Artists

Dr. Christine Mazumdar (she/her)

Dr. Christine Mazumdar (she/her)

Dr. Jenn Cole (she/they)

Dr. Sarah Robbins (she/her)

This project is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and was put together with the help of Dr. Christine Mazumdar, SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Egale Instructional Designer, artist/scholar (she/her) in collaboration with special guests Dr. Jenn Cole, mixed-ancestry Algonquin Anishinaabekwe, Assistant Professor of Indigenous Performance and Gender, artist (she/they), and Dr. Sarah Robbins, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, artist/scholar (she/her).

Project supported by

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