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This year for Trans Awareness Week (TAW), with support from Desjardins Group, we’re launching a series of free webinars for secondary schools across Canada to help create more inclusive classrooms.

About Trans Awareness Week

Trans Awareness Week is a time to celebrate trans, nonbinary, Two Spirit, and genderfluid people, as well as many others who identify as part of trans communities. It’s also a time to raise awareness of discrimination, violence, and adversity that continues to impact trans people.

While we’ve come a long way in recent years when it comes to inclusion, we still have much work left to do if we want to ensure the safety, happiness and inclusion of 2SLGBTQI students, in Canada’s education system. Our recent report, Still in Every Class, revealed harassment, bullying, and exclusion are still rampant for 2SLGBTQI students in Canadian secondary school, even more so for those who are trans.

79% of trans students who have been victims of harassment reported that teachers and staff were ineffective in addressing transphobic harassment.

Trans Awareness Week comes to a close each year with Trans Day of Remembrance on November 20th, a date observed to honour those who have paved the way and to remember the trans individuals who had their lives taken from them due to anti-trans violence. Together, we can take steps to ensure that the lives, dignity and human rights of trans people are valued, protected and uplifted in our society.

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Register for a Webinar

Draw the Line Against Transphobic Violence in Schools

Join us for Draw the Line Against Transphobic Violence, a free, 90-minute, instructor-led webinar that will help participants recognize and intervene in these harmful dynamics, and build skills for fostering cultures of consent, gender inclusion, and healthier relationships overall.

Cyberbullying and 2SLGBTQI Youth

Designed to build on current anti-bullying efforts within schools, this live webinar equips educators with practical tools to prevent and address cyberbullying targeted towards 2SLGBTQI students. Participants will gain a better understanding of the context and impacts that bullying has on 2SLGBTQI youth both online and in the classroom.

Trans & Nonbinary Youth

The following resources are companion pieces to our Trans and Nonbinary Youth webinar. The webinar aims to help educators understand the unique experiences and challenges faced by trans and nonbinary students. This resource is designed to support the work of bringing critical learning and conversations about trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse identities and experiences into school communities.



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