Educator Resources

Resources for Educators

Egale’s Inclusive Schools resources
 include specifically tailored resources for all members of our school communities including teachers, students, administrators, and parents/guardians. Resources include introductory information, guidebooks, curriculum-aligned toolkits with videos, classroom materials, and discussion questions; downloadable school posters; educational webinars; and more.

Still in Every Class, in Every School Report

Still in Every Class in Every School (2021) surveyed students across Canada about their experiences with homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, harassment, mental health and sense of safety, and support at school. ➤ Read this Report

Classroom Resources

Relearn and React Series

A collection of ready-to-use toolkits with companion videos that highlight 2SLGBTQI representation and inclusion within the Ontario curriculum for grades 7-11.

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Four-Step Guides to Empowerment

These three guides are for 2SLGBTQI students, parents/guardians, and educators to support empowerment, resilience, and self-advocacy in the school community and beyond.

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2SLGBTQI Inclusion Posters

By displaying inclusive posters, schools can send a powerful message that discrimination and prejudice have no place within their walls. They provide crucial visibility for 2SLGBTQI individuals, helping to combat stereotypes and stigmas while fostering a greater sense of belonging.

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Preparing Students for the Transition of a Trans or Gender Diverse Peer

If you have a student transitioning to affirm their gender identity in your class, use this guide to prepare your students for the transition of one and do your best to minimize potential bullying and harassment, as well as equip classmates to
be friends and allies.

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