Protest rally with signs that say "end conversion therapy for all"

In January 2022, Bill C-4 became law nationwide which formally banned conversion therapy, the widely discredited practice aimed to change a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression based on the belief that identities that are not cisgender and/or heterosexual are not preferred.

The harm perpetuated by conversion therapy is complex and further stigmatizes 2SLGBTQI people and ultimately undermines a person’s right to equality and dignity.

Now What?

Even though conversion therapy is now officially prohibited in Canada, it’s still important to understand the impacts it has made because of the long-lasting and damaging effects it has had on survivors. 

Even still, it is important to understand what conversion therapy is and what it can look like now under other disguises; just because it is banned, does not mean the practices cease to exist. 

While we can celebrate the ban, the following resources aim to help guide the continuing efforts as community and allies turn to the question, now what? 


What you need to know

Related campaigns and additional information

Egale Canada thrives on supporting the efforts of the Government of Canada and non-governmental charities and organizations to raise awareness that such practices are illegal and that they are harming people.

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Department of Justice Canada / Ministère de la Justice Canada

Statistics shared through this project related to conversion therapy survivors are retrieved from: Community-Based Research Centre, SOGIECE/CT Survivor Support Project: Findings from a National Survey, Focus Groups, and Interviews with Hundreds of Survivors (2021-22)