Media & Messaging

Media & Messaging

The rise in anti-2SLGBTQI hate is often coordinated and has strategic messaging attached to it. To counter this hate, it’s important to have messaging that is purposeful, strategic and direct.

Whether you’re talking to your local news reporter or a family member at the kitchen table, messaging has the power to shape attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours, making them indispensable tools in the fight against anti-2SLGBTQI hate and the promotion of equality, dignity, and respect for all individuals.

Featured Resource

Inclusive Narratives: A Messaging Guide for 2SLGBTQI Advocacy

We have created this guide to provide the tools needed by advocates and organizations to develop effective messaging to combat the ongoing rise in anti-2SLGBTQI hate.

The content in this guide was informed by We Will Win: Guide to Campaign Messaging in Support of Trans Youth. While We Will Win remains applicable for messaging in support of trans youth, this guide has been developed for broader use by all 2SLGBTQI advocates and organizations.

Difficult Conversation Guide

Our Difficult Conversation Guide provides guidance on navigating the complex and often heated ‘dinner-table ‘-type conversations about 2SLGBTQI issues.

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2SLGBTQI Advocacy Communications Toolkit

Trying to combat anti-2SLGBTQI hate? Use our 2SLGBTQI Advocacy Communications Toolkit to plan a successful advocacy communications campaign

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