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Every March 31, trans and nonbinary communities, along with allies, celebrate #TransDayOfVisibility, focusing on joy and celebrating the visibility of trans communities. However, amidst a surge in anti-trans hate and harmful government policies, being visible has become increasingly challenging and risky. Recent policy announcements in Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, and Alberta endanger the safety of trans youth, forcing them either to be outed to their families, even against their will, or to remain closeted at school. Trans and nonbinary people also face widespread discrimination in employment: 74% of Two Spirit, trans, and nonbinary individuals who participated in Egale’s national Working for Change study had to hide aspects of their identity when seeking employment to avoid discrimination.

Visibility is a balancing act.
To be safely visible is a privilege.  

This Trans Day of Visibility, we ask those of you who have access to that privilege to be visible and loud in your celebration for trans and nonbinary people everywhere, especially those who do not feel safe to be visible themselves.  

For allies, you can do that by messaging your trans and nonbinary loved ones to tell them, “I see you; I celebrate you; I’m glad you’re here.” You can also renew your commitment to learning about trans issues and to raise your voice against transphobia in all its forms. Below are some resources for further learning. 

For fellow trans and nonbinary community members, we at Egale see you, we celebrate you, and we’re glad you’re here. We want to be visible for you when you feel like you cannot be, and we are working hard to advocate, ask questions, raise awareness, and educate on your behalf.  

Your donation will go towards our ongoing research, education, awareness, and legal advocacy initiatives to help create a world, without homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and all other forms of oppression so that every person can achieve their full potential, free from hatred and bias.

Parents and Caregivers – Become an Affirming Adult

Are you a parent or caregiver to a 2SLGBTQI youth 16 and under? 

Egale’s free online Affirming Adults workshops can help you learn more about 2SLGBTQI youth and mental health, gender and sexual diversity, and introduce you to practical strategies for creating affirming and supportive spaces. Participants will participate in two connected sessions: Affirming Adults 101 and Affirming Parents and Caregivers 201.

Affirming Adults 101
May 22, 2024 | 6pm-8pm ET

Affirming Parents & Caregivers 201
June 5, 2024 | 6pm-8pm ET

Learn more about this free training

2SLGBTQI Workplace Inclusion  

Egale offers private, public and not-for-profit sector organizations reliable, high-quality training and development for professional, management and organizational development on both a local and national scale. We aim to help clients develop the strategy, motivation, and accountability required to foster 2SLGBTQI inclusion and safer space.

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2SLGBTQI Inclusive Schools

Join us in building inclusive schools with our crafted collection of live facilitator-led online and in-person workshops! Choose from our inclusion school workshop topics:  

  • Intro to 2SLGBTQI Inclusion 
  • Change Agents: The Power of Youth Action 
  • Educational Senior Leader Knowledge Sharing Workshop  
  • Trans and Nonbinary Youth  
  • Cyberbullying and 2SLGBTQI Youth  
  • Faith and 2SLGBTQI Youth  

Learn more.