Speak OUT is a 5-year, 3 phase project, addressing youth dating violence within the LGBTQI2S community. Speak OUT aims to find answers about youth experiences of dating violence within the LGBTQI2S community, and to inform a youth-directed intervention program pilot.

Phase Two (Now Live)

Speak OUT Hackathon will take the original findings from the 2019-20 Speak OUT Survey and offer the chance for 40-50 participants from across Ontario to dream up creative solutions & service offerings to youth survivors of dating violence and toward the prevention of dating violence within the LGBTQI2S community.

Phase Two

Egale will host a collaborative 4-day virtual Hackathon in late January/early February 2021, inviting service workers and LGBTQI2S youth from across the province to join us in “hacking” solutions for supportive and preventative programming for LGBTQI2S youth experiencing dating violence.

Phase Three

Egale and our partners will work with the winning Hackathon team, a committee of dating violence experts, and youth to put your idea into action! The idea selected by judges at the Speak OUT Hackathon will be piloted at 5 community organizations across Ontario over a 2-year period.

Online registration is now open.

More information coming soon.

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